Emarketing:Are You Investing In Web Design And Ignoring SEO?

The fact that web design is critical in increasing relevant traffic to a website is a no-brainer. The reason for this is that people are mostly superficial. We won't want to deal with a site unless it looks like it's been designed properly, with pretty graphics and text. Most of the time, sites that look like they have been designed poorly strike us as too dodgy. These remind us of scam sites. This means that for any web master, the aspect of web design is one that has to be taken seriously if you have to sustain a particular amount of traffic.

Web design, however, has one major flaw. In essence, by undertaking web design you create a site that people will look at and come back to. But how do you get the people to see the site in the first place? You could create the most beautiful site in the world, but how would you get people to see it, and therefore appreciate it (or even refer it to their friends)? The only way to do this is by search engine optimization. When creating your website, search engine optimization is as critical as (and many times more critical than) web design. Logically, this makes sense. You don't want to spend loads of money on web design, but have no traffic to show for it.

Search engine optimization refers to the measures taken to ensure that your site is ranked high in any search engine index. The advantage of this is that you end up with a lot more traffic to the site, since your site gets the exposure. Many people use search engines as the major means of browsing the web and looking for information. With proper search engine optimization, you harness the power of the search engine and use it to your advantage. Search engines won't rank your site highly unless they can determine that it has quality content. Showing the search engines that your site has quality content is the essence of search engine optimization.

There are many variables to consider with search engine optimization. The first of these are the keywords related to your site. When an internet user searches for such keywords using a search engine, your site should come up amongst the first few sites. It is you who determines which keywords are associated with your site. This is done by achieving a certain density of the keywords in all articles in your site.

Such keyword optimization is critical to search engine optimization. Other measures include link building, use of Google AdWords to advertise your site and many more. To a novice web master, such complexity can be mind-boggling, and you would probably do it wrong if you go about it on your own. Fortunately, there are many sites that offer search engine optimization packages at a reasonable fee. This takes the load off any web master when it comes to such optimization. In summary, you should never neglect search engine optimization just because of a wonderful web design. The two concepts are closely related, and both should be done well for optimal results.

The moral of the story as always is that you should never ignore these SEO factors because that is what will bring you the desired results for your search engine optimization triumphing quest!




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