Emarketing:Search Engines Algorithms Updates And Their Effect on SEO Software


The first thing one should clearly understand when dealing with SEO is the nature of Search Engines, the way they organize, value and present the information. All Search Engines have their own formulas (sets of rules) they use to order and rank the websites in the web, this is Search Engine algorithms which today became the unwritten laws of Search Engine Marketing. In order to pull the most relevant data, Search Engines change their algorithms on a regular basis (Google for example releases 300-400 updates per year which means approximately 1 update per day) revaluing the website rankings, indexing millions of webpages. Still there are also so called SERP(search engine results page) display algorithms that are not so widely known but appear to be of great importance for SEO software. As soon as they are updated, the old ones stop pulling relevant information making SEO tools totally useless. That is why detecting these changes and adjusting the software to new SEs algorithms became a prior objective for the developers of SEO software .

On the web today there is a number of SEO companies developing the software which largely facilitates optimization process. This allows you to make thousands of queries in hundreds of Search Engines to find SEO valuable data. All these companies are at constant challenge with Search Engines, trying to adjust their software to the latest Search Engines algorithms decoding and beating these complex, ever-changing formulas. Since nobody knows when the SEs release their updates the developers are on the alert 24/7 in order to detect these changes and fine-tune their SEO software immediately.

Each time an algorithm is changed, dozens of hands and minds do their best to keep their software up-to-date performing a highly laborious and time consuming task. That is the reason why almost all major software development companies provide this kind of service on a paid basis guaranteeing to keep your software up-to-date.

Link-Assistant.Com, for example, calls this update "Live! Plan", Web CEO - Knowledge Base Update, IBP provides their customers with Search Technology Updates, in Advanced Web Ranking it is called simply Maintenance Plan.

So whenever you run your SEO campaign it is of great importance to choose the most professional and reliable SEO software to be always sure to get 100% correct and updated SEO data. Reviewing the vast market of SEO software I would like to single out SEO PowerSuite software developed by Link-assistant.Com, an obvious SEO software leader on the market.

These guys really provide quality services updating their tools with the latest search engines algos. They seem to work quick detecting the latest changes and immediately releasing their Live! Plan updates. What I like is the thing that the information about the updates and the pricing is absolutely open and can be found on the buy pages, so that the customers could clearly see what they are paying for and what they get.

Sure, many people claim that it is too much to pay not just for the software but also for the software updates and say that it is not fair and user friendly. But I guess you will agree that it is hardly possible to find any kind of high quality service in this world that is provided for free. It is like with automobiles: if you buy a car, firstly you enjoy free customer service and then sooner or later you are to spend money on the services you simply can't avoid.

To sum it up, I'd like to admit that it is important to recognize and understand why the search engines change the algorithms they use and how it affects the world of SEO.

It is also of great importance to make the right choice and use only the most reliable SEO software to always stay on the safe side. You can also check out SEO software reviews here.



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