Emarketing:Making Your Text Perfect For Poster Printing

When it comes to large poster printing, your text must be perfect of course. This is not the typical wholesale poster printing where your text will be in small font sizes. In large poster printing, your text will be humungous. That is why you need to make them as perfect as possible so they turn out as good as they can be.

Let me teach you how to make your text perfect for large poster printing. Below are a few simple tips that should improve the looks of your color poster text, making them more appealing and visible.

Choosing the visible and simple font style.

First up, is of course the font style. The font style for your large color posters will define a lot about its character and its message. To make the font style perfect for large poster printing, you have to choose something that is solid and highly visible.

Do not go for those wildly intricate or creative fonts since they usually make it hard for people to understand them. When those are in large posters, some mistake it for a design than an actual word. So try to target headline style fonts that are thick, highly visible and easy to read. People should have an easier time with those.

Picking the right text color.

The text color can make or break the visibility of your message for poster printing. That is why it is crucial that you choose a color that is really appropriate and close to perfect. Usually you will need a font color that is almost directly opposite to the dominant color in your poster to make it work. So if your color posters are mostly white, dark hued text is better, while of course in dark posters, lighter text fonts are better. Try using an online color schemer to help you with these color choices. Just make sure that the colors are almost opposite for your text so that they can be seen easily.

Using some blending options.

Now, to make your text more perfect for large poster printing, you should not forget to use some great blending options. Blending options refer to the special effects that some digital design applications have that lets the text layer blend to the design in an interesting way. For example, you can add shadows, glow effects and color borders to your text to make them look exciting and of course more visible. You just need to practice some creativity when using these features, but they will help a lot in developing really powerful text for large posters.

Managing the text textures.

You can also add in textures to your poster text to make them look more interesting. Besides the usual flurry of stone, wood, and metal textures for text, you can also actually use special smooth textures like embossed textures, chrome, glass etc. The choice really depends on your creativity. Just make sure it contributes to your design and your text should be okay for large posters.

Managing size variations.

Finally, as a last tip for the text, you should try to manage the font sizes. Do not use too many different font sizes for your large posters unless it is really a deliberate thing. Too many font sizes can sometimes make a large poster look like a hodgepodge of lumped together elements that do not really look well. That is why it is recommended that you manage the size variations. A 2-4pt variation in font size is usually acceptable for most content, with the exception of course of the main title.

Now your text should be perfect for large poster printing! Just follow these tips and you should be all set.

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