Emarketing:Making Social Media Marketing in PA Work for Your Business

Using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help a website rank highly are highly connected to social media marketing in PA. These two tactics are common methods of inbound marketing which direct visitors to a particular site through numerous other sites. This is the opposite of push style of marketing like radio ads, TV commercials and print ads.

Not Either Or

Some people erroneously think that it is wise to pick only SEO or social media tactics and focus solely on them. However, each of these components are very important to the success and growth of a company's website presence and subsequent business. However, plenty of case studies prove that both tactics have a viable place in any social media marketing PA strategy.

How to Join the Two

Since it is better to use these two strategies simultaneously, what is the best means for combining them?Some examples are already popping up on the web. For instance, when you do a search for a business then you should see the main website for the business at the top of the search engine results. However, if you look through the list of results there should also be the owner's LinkedIn account, a link to the Facebook page and the Twitter account listing. The social media accounts rank in the same way of business websites. It is important to understand that having a social media presence means getting involved with the various communities and standing out as a professional, not just putting up an account to get a link.

Using the Right Keywords for Social Accounts

Business owners are able to create a Facebook account with a custom URL. In addition, LinkedIn, like Facebook, provides several opportunities to place keywords in strategic spots in order to rank high for these terms. Twitter also allows people to use the # symbol, also called a hash tag, to separate words or phrases and basically act as a keyword. A properly designed social media marketing PA strategy will encompass all of these hotspots in order to keep people informed about the company's latest news, events, new products and services.

Improving Links

Links are one of the main ingredients that cause a site to rank high in search engines. Quality links that come from trusted and reputable sources make a site more valuable in the eyes of Yahoo, Google, MSN and the other search engines. Social media sites have high trust with the search engines which means you can take one link and multiply it by the size of your network. If you make a new blog post and share it on your Facebook account, it can be seen by all of your Facebook friends. It has the possibility of being shared by multiple people, leading to more clicks on your blog and eventually your website. The same thing can happen with Twitter. This is one reason why it is so important to have a social media marketing in PA strategy that includes blog posts. It keeps a fresh supply of people looking at your site.

Larry Chandler is a freelance writer for Pennsylvania Internet Marketing. The company offers expert help for social media marketing PA. Visit their website to learn more about SEO Pennsylvania at Painternetmarketing.com



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