HongKong Emarketing:Following AEFF For Successful Website Construction


For every meaningful construction, you have to go step by step patiently, smartly and carefully. A website is not different. If you intend to utilize the full potential of your digital presence, you need to follow the parameters till the final execution for the desired outcome. These steps can be abbreviated as AEFF process known as Assessment, Establishment, Framing and Finishing.

Making or developing a website through AEFF is very much similar to building construction. A construction can be beautiful only when it's thoughtfully planned and structured and a website can be beneficial and profitable for you when it is relevant to your business and delivers the results.

Assessment: This is the stepping stone of website designing process. How it would fare in market, depend on this. Just popping a website in the countless "Me-too" categories will only add to the burden of WWW. You need to analyze the demand of your section and market place. Would it be catering regional market or locales or international market as well? What are your target audiences? Are they young, old or middle aged citizens? If they are young, you can be as creative and complex as you want but if we are here about adult sleeping tablets, you think they would have the patience and time to understand your creativity and wait till it download? Assessment is the key. You need to analyze the functionality, user friendly features and general layout of website and budget also.

Establishment: The success and failure of any business or building depends on it. A stronger foundation supports the building well. This happens in the first meeting with client and the project team whereupon the process of website development is discussed and vis-à-vis competitors'.

Framing: That's a process in which we put the soul in the body. The entire structure starts getting shape in real from the mind of developer and designer. The placement of logo, navigation process, and behind the scenes coding to ensure the usability and experience of website is done.

Finishing: This is where you hone the final product for presentation. You prune it, trim it and polish it for a better user friendly experience and simplified navigation. You look into content and publish it on website.

Adam Langer is associated with Vcare Web Development and working as a Sr. Marketing Manager. Vcare Web Development is leading offshore web design and development services providing company, offering outsource web development and software application development.



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