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Flex development has become synonymous with RIA development. Since its birth in 2004 Adobe has churned out better Flex versions, over regular intervals. The latest one, Flex4 uses the Spark architecture, which makes it easy for the Flex developer and designer to work together on a RIA in the Flex development process. The automated testing and debugging feature saves time and allows quick deployment of the RIA. Adobe Flex has also added charting library in Flex 4, which enables Flex developer to add rich graphics in the online business presentation.

The modern day organizations pay lot of attention on augmenting their online presence because popularity of internet has spread across the globe. It offers a global platform to organizations to showcase their products and services. The vast customer base offers plenty of business opportunities and hence it necessary to increase the aesthetic value of the website through seamless integration with RIAs. Flex developer adds video and audio clips, through which the product manager can easily explain the product or service hosted on the site. The demonstration gets the message across the board and is very cheap in cost terms when compared to other traditional advertisement options available to organization. The Latest Flex version Flex 4 takes Flex development to next level by supporting 3D animation.

Flex developer takes advantage of the "no refresh" feature of Flex development to step up the processing speed. In short it decreases the access time and provides greater user experience. The other great feature of Flex development is its tenacity to withstand easily the stress of peak loads, without undergoing any noticeable change in its behavior. This feature finds its great use in online business applications like shopping carts and online trading sites. In this type of online business environment the Flex development perform remarkably well, under peak traffic loads even when multitude of users are concurrently accessing it, from across the globe.

Flex development encourages better presentation of business information through rich graphical presentations, multimedia and animated displays. The aim is to quickly get the business information across to the client so that they can arrive at logical business conclusion. The applications provide "vow" feeling and encourage the prospective clients to engage themselves more in the website. The result is higher rate of conversion of visitors into actual buyers, which is prime objective the online business. Flex development improves application performance multiple folds by supporting flow of large data enterprise. The developer makes very scalable RIAs because he or she can easily create and reuse the Flex components and modules. They can be developed and customized, keeping in mind the future needs of the business. This makes them precious to the businesses because they can easily accommodate any changes in the future. Thus developer can produce fully functional RIAs with more features and less codes so that the RIA can easily function properly even under stressful conditions and deliver better results, which is necessary for any online business to stay ahead of its competitors.

iFlexweb has taken Flex development to higher levels and uses latest Flex versions to create splendid RIAs that impart better business functionalities to the clients.



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