HongKong Emarketing:Flex Developer Enjoys Adobe Flex Advantage


Internet has evolved at a very fast rate and in its attempt to match the ever changing demands of the end users it has offered many products. One such offering is, Rich Internet Applications. The RIA is basically a web application that behaves like a desktop application. Adobe Flex provides the necessary RIA development platform. Since its inception in 2004, it has churned out better Flex versions at regular intervals. The latest one is called Flex 4 and it uses the Spark architecture. Adobe Flex has empowered Flex developer to create stunning RIAs that provide greater user experience.

The Flex developer has to his or her disposal, library through which he or she implements 2D/3D vector graphics, animations, multimedia, business analytics graphics and charts features. The Flex developer is able to implement more features in the RIA at less coding. This makes the web application light and fast. Flex is of open source nature and hence the Flex developer gets support of the Flex community. He or she can easily avail the latest tools and advice from the Flex experts on RIA development.

The Flex developer can use frameworks like Cairngorm, Pure MVC, Foundry, Guasax Flex, Flest and Ariaware in the Flex development process to create elegant RIAs. The Spark architecture in the Flex 4 allows the Flex developer to work along with designer. This speeds up the RIA development process. The open source nature of Flex makes it quite easy for the developers to access the latest tools and Flex versions to create stunning RIA at a very low cost. This provides him or her competitive edge over the other developers who use technologies like Microsoft Silverlight, which is not an open source application. The Flex developer uses all the available Flex tools to create stunning RIAs, which breathe life into the website. He or she by embeds video, audio and animation clips so that the end users can interact with website. These clips catch the imagination of the end users and engage them for longer period of time.

The latest offering from the Flex family, Flex 4, also supports HTML5 and CSS3. The Flex developer is able to create more attractive web pages and customize the content layout in a better way. The end result is superior looking RIA that brings value to the website by increasing its functionality.

The Flex developer has at his or her disposal very useful testing tool known as Flex Monkey. The tool allows the developer to quickly check for any coding regression and re-factor it quickly. It is automated testing tools that checks the RIA coding process and ensures that there are no c error left unnoticed, which might later affect the functionality of the Rich Internet Applications. Thus Flex developer enjoys a sound technical support from the Adobe Flex family, which is spread around the world. Since the Flex Adobe is constantly innovating it provides the Flex developer a distinct advantage over its rivals, who use other technology like Silver light and AJAX.

iFlexweb provides expert services of Flex developer to develop stunning Rich Internet Applications ( RIAs) that engage the end users in the website and thus add value to it.



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