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Need new but cheap business cards in 24 hours? Do not worry that is not only possible, it is actually really doable even for newcomers in business card printing. Let me give you some step by step instructions on how to get your custom business cards made in just one day. Just read and follow the instructions in business card printing and design below and it should be easy for you to get the great business cards you need quickly.

1. Pick your software. First things first. You should pick your software for designing your business cards. Many people, especially newcomers make the mistake in using the wrong software that is just too complicated for them to use. So do not just jump into using Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop if you are not that skilled. Pick the right software that you are most comfortable using for business card printing.

For beginners, I will recommend Microsoft Publisher (if you want to dish out the cash) and OpenOffice.org (if you want it free and open sourced). Of course if you are a little skilled, you might of course go for Corel or Adobe software for better features.

2. Get a template. After picking the right software for you, the next step is to get a business card template. Now, most standard software applications will provide built in business card templates, so you can first try those as starting points. However, if you like something more current and customizable, you might also want to download free business card templates that are available at key sites on the Internet. The best sites for business card templates are printing company websites, since they commonly offer free template downloads to everyone. Just make sure you get the right template that can easily be used in your design software.

3. Get your raw materials. Next, you will then need to get your raw materials for your design. This includes the text content, the image content and any other font styles and design graphics that you may want to add into your layout. It is best to prepare and proofread/check all of these before inserting them into your designs. So try to write and proofread your text content for perfection. At the same time, gather all the images and other design elements necessary for your design. Have other people help you with this to speed up the process.

4. Start designing. With everything all set, you should then be able to move on to the design itself. Start designing by simply firing up your design software, inserting your template and then inserting your design elements. At this point, you might already have an idea of how your custom business card should look like. Just keep things simple and clear so that people can understand all the elements in your business cards well. Do not forget to check for errors at least two or three times to make sure that no mistake gets passed on to business card printing.

5. Overnight printing. Lastly, if you want your business cards to arrive after just one day, all you have to do is order it via overnight printing. Lots of online business card printing companies today can give you overnight printing services. Just search for the best ones on the Internet and send them your designs. Within 24 hours your business cards should be delivered to you all professionally made from the best printing machines. It is that easy and simple. Just remember that overnight printing does not come cheap, however it is well worth it if you need those custom business cards fast.

So that is how you develop and then get your business cards in one day. It is quite easy actually, just follow the steps above and you should have no problems at all.

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