Emarketing:Criteria For Getting The Best SEO Rankings


Online business companies are striving to promote their sales and it is possible if it is exposed to many customers. For getting good exposure and marketing, your company needs to be placed in good SEO rankings by popular search engine servers like Google and MSN. If you want to be placed in the top SEO rankings you should to able to match the requirements set forth by the search engines.

Tags: If you want your content to be seen by other search engines which in turn will be viewed by millions of online users, use proper title tags. The tags are nothing but the product description and the item you are marketing. If you are selling "dog collars and its accessories" adding 'dog collar' in your title will be appropriate. The search engines will first check for the title tag and then go deeper for checking the content. Adding lot of Meta tags will be useful for attracting traffic.

Keyword: Optimize your keyword which brings more users to your website. The primary keyword should be matching the product you sell or the service which you offer. Maintain uniform flow of keywords in the entire page or pages and do not deliberately stuff the keywords into the website for getting best SEO rankings.

Robots.txt file: It is certainly an important file in your website which forms the basis of search engines operation. The search engines always look for the website in its robots.txt. file, which is located in the directory of the browser. It is a powerful file which allows or restricts the search engines for indexing the pages from your blog or website.

Pictures and Images: Adding lot of photos and images to the website will grab the attention of users undoubtedly. Remember the images you add should be relevant to the content of the website and the product you sell. Adding beautifully adorned woman in the site will be appealing to lot of users if you are selling jewelry.

If you are adding new content in your site, then give interlinks to your webpage in the site of your friends and competitors on mutual agreement. Both of you must be selling same product and whenever a user visits his page will be drawn to visit your webpage also. The search engines discover your site through these link-backs also for rating your site as the best SEO ranking.

Add fresh content: Always make it a point to update the content frequently. Search engine locates your site or blog only if it has fresh content on the topic which is searched for and so it is advised to keep your site updated by adding fresh content into it.

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