Emarketing:5 Steps To Create Awesome Stickers


A "hot" sticker can be many things to many people. However, in this guide I am going to teach you the basic steps that you should do if you want your sticker printing to be considered hot by many people. I will cover here all the different aspects of the designs of stickers and how you can make them "hot" to almost everyone. There are only a few key guidelines that you really need to remember on this. So read and remember.

1. Get a "hot" image.

Here is something very simple to remember. A sticker is basically made up of images and text. If you want your own color stickers to look "hot" and become a hot item immediately, you should of course put in a hot image in its layout.

Keep in mind that a hot image does not necessarily mean a sexy image (though those are also very effective for full color stickers. A hot image is basically something that really distracts people at first and then captures their attention second. Images like this can be something like a picture of a beautiful model, or maybe a picture of something shocking, funny or even cute. As long as it invokes an intense emotion and is easily visible, those images should be great to help your stickers become hot.

2. Pick a "hot" color scheme.

Another key to printing hot stickers is to pick a "hot" color scheme. A hot color scheme is basically based on the hotter colors in the spectrum. Yellow comes as one of the hottest, followed by orange and red. Of course white is also very bright, and can be used in tandem with these high temperature colors to add that energy, brightness and intensity to your color stickers. These should mark your stickers for attention pretty easily in a crowd, helping your stickers become popular and eye catching.

3. Use "hot" type sticker printing materials.

There is also a way to make your color stickers hot by choosing the right hot type paper and inks. Using glossy paper and even glossy or glitter inks should easily add that glitter and glamour to your stickers that should make them pretty popular and hot. Many specialized sticker printing companies should be able to offer these kinds of materials if you ask them. Albeit expensive, this will be one of the quickest ways to make your color stickers hot.

4. Download fonts that are exciting and hot.

Sometimes in a sticker design, hotness can also come from fonts. Using a very distinctive, newly made and exciting looking font can easily make your custom stickers look very unique, interesting and of course "hot". Do not worry, there are hundreds of free font sties out there that should help you out get the font that you need. Just be sure to choose maybe 3-5 font styles or more to download for your designs since typically the more font options you have the better for your color stickers.

5. Compose text content that demands attention.

Finally you should of course try to compose actual text content that looks very interesting for people. This is not just about composing text that rhymes mind you. It is about selecting the key power words for your stickers that makes them attractive.

Words like "Discover", "Money", "Free" and even phrases like "Do not miss..." all have different appeals to people but they catch most of them all the same. So if possible try to compose text content with those power words to help your stickers demand attention.

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